KEM Supports the Undersea Warfare Battle (USW)

KEM supports the Undersea Warfare Battle (USW) of the 21st Century. In collaboration with our valued network of partners, we work together on:

  • Autonomous Undersea Systems
  • Sensors (Netted & Unnetted)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Together with our team, we provide Defense innovations in the A2/AD environment to assist the United States in countering emerging threats.

Our KEM team brings unparalleled experience and knowledge, creating continuous innovation and U.S. Undersea dominance.

Reflecting on the future of USW, in relation to U.S. Defense and how KEM supports primes with our capabilities, KEM partner Admiral John Nathman (USN, Ret.) notes,

“With the elevation of both China and Russia to the highest risk levels to the USA’s national security, the Military capabilities investments by those countries are very concerning. But, it should be noted the importance of the United States’ relationship with NATO allies and particularly with Norway. This relationship is so incredibly important to measures that both the U.S. and Norway must take in the near future to deflect postures of those countries, which could be very dangerous if not deterred. A pressing example would be the significant spread of China’s economic influence and its mounting military presence in the western Pacific. That potential battle space is so large that current reconnaissance and up to date information are quite limited, particularly in undersea operations. One significant key to knowing what’s changed under the waves of the western Pacific is connecting substantial sensors, modules and unmanned vehicles capabilities of both the U.S. and Norway.  Norway’s defense of its own waters, the North Sea and Baltic against Russian intrusions is exceptional, so connecting that knowledge to the Pentagon and the U.S. Navy is a win-win. KEM is the leader in bringing integration of U.S. and Norway firms in future defense capabilities and relationships to the benefit of both countries.”
Relatedly, KEM partner Admiral Scott Swift (USN, Ret.) commented,
KEM’s legacy of successful engagement with peers and partners in enhancing their individual and collective USW capabilities is even more critical in today’s war fighting environment than ever before. As war fighting domains blend, near-peer competitors become peer competitors, and historical advantages decrease and opportunities for breakthrough capabilities diminish. The undersea domain becomes a very difficult space to navigate alone.  The critical advantage of teaming with KEM is a clear advantage to ensuring success in this complex and rapidly evolving battle space. With their deep and sustained relationships with U.S., allied and partner Military leaders and broad engagement across the tech, academic and defense sectors, coupled with their insight and perspective as to where today’s and tomorrow’s threats are going, KEM is a critical element in any organization’s strategy for success in the USW increasingly competitive space.”
These strategic relationships directly enhance the reach of our capabilities in the USW sectors. We will continue to support Undersea Warfare and ensure that the United States remains the global leader in Naval Defense and expertise.