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I am sure you have a story about the first time you set foot on your college campus.

For me, it was in June 1969, as a new freshman, I first set foot on the Mississippi State University (MSU) campus.  I was only 15.  I was the first member of my family to attend college, and I had my sights set on completing the Aerospace Engineering program and serving my nation. Equally important was the fact that I was part of the first group of African Americans admitted to MSU. I became the second African American to graduate in Aerospace Engineering.   Nearly 50 years later, I am considered to be a black pioneer of MSU.

My time at MSU has had a huge impact on my life.  The excellence of my courses, my professors, and the friendships formed in the Bagley College of Engineering  established the solid foundation upon which my success during  30+ years serving the Departments of the Navy and the Air Force and in my current role leading a global Aerospace and Defense Advisory firm is based.  Just as we all have stories about our first experiences on campus, I am sure you have stories about the tremendous impact your University had upon your life, as well.

Today as an active and humble member of the MSU Black Alumni Advisory Council (BAAC), Head of the Scholarship Committee of the BAAC and a proud member of the Bagley Aerospace Engineering Department Board of Advisors, I, and all members of the BAAC, are striving to pay this foundational debt forward. 

To that end, the BAAC is establishing an ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP to assist full-time entering African-American students who demonstrate financial need and leadership ability – with preference given to first generation university students.

Please join the BAAC to provide your support by CLICKING HERE to make a contribution to the BAAC endowed scholarship. 

Our story at MSU is continuing with this new chapter in which we can make a difference and give the next generation of black leaders at MSU a hand up for success.

Thank you. #HailState,

Ken Miller


#HailState: Ken Miller, MSU Alumni, tours Bagley College of Engineering & Attends Tailgate with Esteemed MSU Black Pioneers

Ken Miller, CEO of KEM and Associates, was excited and proud to support his Bulldog Family during their 2016 Homecoming Festivities.


Congratulations to our MSU Bulldogs on their 56-41 victory over Samford! #WeRingTrue

Hail State!  KEM’s Ken Miller was honored to cheer the MSU Bulldogs on to a 56-41 victory over Samford and attend the fantastic Mississippi State University Black Alumni Weekend event, Homecoming Tailgate Party with many esteemed Mississippi State Black Pioneers.  Also, a big thank you for the generous hospitality of Mr. Jeff Davis, Executive Director of of the Mississippi State University Alumni Association. #WeRingTrue @HailStateFB #BAW16

Thank You @msuengineering! Thank you so much for our warm reception, the opportunity to learn about your latest and innovative approaches and department information, and your gracious hospitality on our tour of the Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State.  It was an honor to receive an overview of the world class Bagley College of Engineering by Jason Keith, Ph.D., Dean of the Bagley College of EngineeringKari Babski-Reeves, Ph.D., CPE, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studiesand Bennett Evans, Development Director for the BCoE.  In addition, you have my deep gratitude for the aerospace engineering update presentation and my admiration for the continued excellence of this program spearheaded by Davy Belk Ph.D. Department Head and Professor Department of Aerospace Engineering.  

Mr. Miller began his career as an Aerospace Engineering major at Mississippi State University where he developed a love of flight, received the best education possible in aeronautics and astronautics, and was fully prepared to enter the workforce.  Mr. Miller then served over 35 years in the U.S. Government and now runs our recognized global Defense and Aerospace consulting practice.

KEM looks forward to the opportunity to support and strengthen MSU’s engineering assets for the next generation of aerospace game changers.

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