Join #KEM & Gary Sinise Foundation this 4th of July to Support our Warfighters, Veterans & their Families

#KEM is grateful to support the Gary Sinise Foundation this #4thofJuly to honor our warfighters, veterans, and their families.  As we head into this 4th of July Weekend, THANK YOU to all our Armed Services, Veterans & their families who do so much everyday to defend our nation and our freedom!


Please join #KEM in supporting our armed services, veterans, and their families by supporting the @GarySiniseFoundation which serves our Nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities.  

Flag and fireworks-American fourth of July

A happy and safe 4th of July 2016 to you and your family from the KEM Team!  

DID YOU KNOW THAT? Interesting Fourth of July Facts  

  • Unofficially, the United States’ Independence Day is July 2 — when the Second Continental Congress made the unanimous decision to break from England. However, the actual Declaration of Independence wasn’t approved and adopted until July 4, when the Liberty Bell was rung in Philadelphia. The document also didn’t become official until Aug. 2, 1776, when most congressional delegates finally signed it.
  • It’s often thought that July 4 kicked off the fight for independence, but the Revolutionary War actually began more than a year before that on April 19, 1775, when the first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts. That was one day after the legendary ride of Paul Revere.
  • John Adams and Thomas Jefferson — both signers of the Declaration of Independence who later became president — died on July 4, 1826, within hours of each other.
  • On July 4, 1776, there were an estimated 2.5 million people living in America. On July 4, 2014, there were about 318.4 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Census Bureau stats also show that $203.6 million worth of fireworks — a huge part of Independence Day celebrations — were imported to the U.S. from China in 2013. That same year, $4 million worth of American flags were imported; $3.9 million of them came from China.

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