KEM CEO Ken Miller Attends Safran’s Defense Working Group Workshop

Safran is a global leader in supplying equipment for the Aerospace and Defense markets. Their unparalleled capabilities successfully support the warfighter worldwide. Safran’s Aerosystems subdivision produces top-quality aeronautic equipment for helicopters and a multitude of aircraft.

KEM CEO Ken Miller had the unique opportunity to speak at the 2019 Safran Defense Working Group Workshop, held April 23-25th at the Army & Navy Club.

Mr. Miller highlighted the various challenges to Safran deriving from over two years of market expansion in the USA A&D Domain. Topics included:

  • Defense trends focused on FY 2020 budget and priorities
  • The Big Ten Defense Companies and U.S. company priorities
  • What are U.S. primes are looking for in subcontractors
  • International companies’ challenges to becoming a U.S. prime or subcontractor

KEM appreciates this chance to offer industry expertise at the Safran workshop. It was a genuine pleasure to be present and listen to the various speakers throughout the evening.

KEM Attends McAleese 10th Annnual Defense Programs Conference – DPC10

Each year, KEM takes pride in attending industry events with our valued network of partners. Recently, we had the absolute pleasure of attending the 10th Annual Defense Programs Conference (DPC10), presented by McAleese & Associates.

Pictured (R TO L) Ken Miller KEM CEO, Jim McAleese of McAleese & Associates, Christopher Kubasik, CEO L3 Technologies

McAleese & Associates, of Sterling, VA,  works with small, medium and large Government contracting companies that do business with the Federal Government. The Defense Programs Conference features esteemed speakers on topics of Budget, Defense and trending Military topics. The 2019 discussions included: years of previous sequestration, their toll, sapping DoD’s Readiness & postponing long-awaited Modernization.

It was a pleasure to attend as a team and to gain firsthand insight from each of the honorable speakers in attendance. To Jim and his exceptional team, congratulations on a decade of successful conferences and many more to come. We look forward to attending in 2020!

Pictured (R to L), General Duncan McNabb, United States Air Force (ret.), ACS Board Member & 9th Commander, USTRANSCOM, Ken Miller KEM CEO, Lauren Durante Longwell KEM Director of Analysis and Communication

KEM Supports the Undersea Warfare Battle (USW)

KEM supports the Undersea Warfare Battle (USW) of the 21st Century. In collaboration with our valued network of partners, we work together on:

  • Autonomous Undersea Systems
  • Sensors (Netted & Unnetted)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Together with our team, we provide Defense innovations in the A2/AD environment to assist the United States in countering emerging threats.

Our KEM team brings unparalleled experience and knowledge, creating continuous innovation and U.S. Undersea dominance.

Reflecting on the future of USW, in relation to U.S. Defense and how KEM supports primes with our capabilities, KEM partner Admiral John Nathman (USN, Ret.) notes,

“With the elevation of both China and Russia to the highest risk levels to the USA’s national security, the Military capabilities investments by those countries are very concerning. But, it should be noted the importance of the United States’ relationship with NATO allies and particularly with Norway. This relationship is so incredibly important to measures that both the U.S. and Norway must take in the near future to deflect postures of those countries, which could be very dangerous if not deterred. A pressing example would be the significant spread of China’s economic influence and its mounting military presence in the western Pacific. That potential battle space is so large that current reconnaissance and up to date information are quite limited, particularly in undersea operations. One significant key to knowing what’s changed under the waves of the western Pacific is connecting substantial sensors, modules and unmanned vehicles capabilities of both the U.S. and Norway.  Norway’s defense of its own waters, the North Sea and Baltic against Russian intrusions is exceptional, so connecting that knowledge to the Pentagon and the U.S. Navy is a win-win. KEM is the leader in bringing integration of U.S. and Norway firms in future defense capabilities and relationships to the benefit of both countries.”
Relatedly, KEM partner Admiral Scott Swift (USN, Ret.) commented,
KEM’s legacy of successful engagement with peers and partners in enhancing their individual and collective USW capabilities is even more critical in today’s war fighting environment than ever before. As war fighting domains blend, near-peer competitors become peer competitors, and historical advantages decrease and opportunities for breakthrough capabilities diminish. The undersea domain becomes a very difficult space to navigate alone.  The critical advantage of teaming with KEM is a clear advantage to ensuring success in this complex and rapidly evolving battle space. With their deep and sustained relationships with U.S., allied and partner Military leaders and broad engagement across the tech, academic and defense sectors, coupled with their insight and perspective as to where today’s and tomorrow’s threats are going, KEM is a critical element in any organization’s strategy for success in the USW increasingly competitive space.”
These strategic relationships directly enhance the reach of our capabilities in the USW sectors. We will continue to support Undersea Warfare and ensure that the United States remains the global leader in Naval Defense and expertise.

#KEM10 January Highlight l Adaptive Cargo Solutions

It has been a true pleasure celebrating KEM’s 10th year in operations, reinforcing our dedication to supporting the warfighter. To highlight #KEM10, we have featured our valued Strategic Partners who are integral parts of the team.

To close out a successful anniversary year, it is a privilege to highlight the final Strategic Partner of the campaign, Adaptive Cargo Solutions (ACS). They are a key asset to the team.

ACS is a Veteran-Owned, Minority-owned small business, with intent to become the industry’s most forward-looking container company, changing mobility and sustainment paradigms in DoD, Commercial, and e-Commerce market spaces.

ACS produces next generation composite mobile shipping and storage container systems. All products are guaranteed and comprised of composite, ranging in size and capabilities. Their product lineup of advanced composite containers includes the ARC7, ARC48, ARC108 and ARC360. As a proud member of the National Defense Transportation Association, ACS operates by a core set of values: Integrity, Reliability, Safety, Innovation & Respect. They are a key asset to the KEM Team as a force in the logistics world and aiding organizations addressing local, national and global missions. Their goal to enhance global logistics pairs directly with our capabilities and goal to assist the warfighter.

ACS Board of Directors Member, General Duncan J. McNabb highlights ACS’ partnership with KEM,

“Ken Miller and his KEM team continue to be a global force in developing innovative solutions directed towards complex logistics problems. Ken is a renowned expert in Washington, Department of Defense, and Pentagon processes and superbly helps others navigate and succeed in dealing with them.  I have been a proud collaborator with Ken Miller and KEM for over 20 years and his leadership, brilliant business mind, and outstanding team continue to help advance the state of logistics and transportation enterprises worldwide.” – General Duncan J. McNabb U.S.A.F. (ret.), ACS Board of Directors

KEM recognizes the superior value that ACS offers to the logistics and transportation world. We are grateful to have ACS as a Strategic Partner and we look forward to continued success in 2019!


#KEM10 November Highlight | Dave Creasy

As we near 2019, KEM continues to highlight its various Strategic Partners who contribute to bettering and strengthening our mission to support the warfighter. Join us in recognizing the superior value created by our strategic partners as key members of our team in our ongoing celebration of #KEM10 – KEM’s 10th year in operations.

KEM is proud to welcome Mr. Dave Creasy of Vienna, VA to our valued network of strategic partners. Dave’s extensive knowledge of remote sensing satellite operational collection capabilities within the space information domain adds an invaluable layer of expertise to our consulting team.

His career with the US Navy spans 37 years, which included 20 years of active duty service and 17 years following retirement as part of the Navy staff in the Pentagon.  His significant career achievements include:

  • Developed onboard targeting capability for the F/A-18 Super Hornet for GPS-Guided Weapons; expansion of the operating parameters of multiple National and Commercial Satellites permitting them to provide Open Ocean Surveillance to the US Navy fleet & maritime analytical organizations.
  • Drafted the first comprehensive requirements document which outlined detailed collection parameters to support Open Ocean Surveillance from space-based satellite systems.
  • Developed a ground architecture which permits commercial imagery satellites to provide a vessel detection capability in an operationally time-relative fashion to the US Navy fleet.

Mr. Creasy reflects on joining the KEM team,

“I look forward to partnering with KEM and Associates to develop a ground processing architecture which will permit commercial remote sensing satellites to provide time-relevant operational information to the warfighter.” – Mr. Dave Creasy

In welcoming Mr. Creasy to the KEM team, CEO Ken Miller notes,

“KEM and Associates is pleased to have Dave Creasy join us as a strategic partner. Dave’s expansive experience in the space information domain is a talent that our team is excited about having.” – Ken Miller, CEO KEM and Associates

With our Domain Knowledge spanning air, land, sea, space and cyber, Mr. Creasy’s credentials will be both beneficial and efficient in navigating the space domain. From all of us at KEM, welcome to the team! We consider it a true privilege to have you as a Space Domain Strategic partner.

KEM Becomes Proud Member of the DAUAA

KEM and Associates is an active member of various organizations within the Defense and Aerospace industry. As proud participants, our team has access to networking, engaging with industry leaders and is able to attend significant events that advance our mission to support the Warfighter.

Recently, KEM is a proud new member of the Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association (DAUAA) 

There are a plethora of benefits to joining this great organization, including:

  • Personal and early notification of annual DAU Symposium and bi-monthly hot topic training forums
  • Connectivity with DAU through web site, e-mail and newsletter updates on acquisition policies
  • Networking with other acquisition professionals

To supplement, membership to DAUAA allows for attendance to events:

  • Annual DAU Symposium on current defense/military service systems acquisition policies, procedures, tools,  and issues.
  • Local Chapter Hot Topic Training Forums, seminars, and meetings
  • Support of the annual DAU Update and other DAU activities.

As seen via DAUAA website, President Bill Bahnmeieir reminds members,

“Before I close, I want to again repeat that the strength and vitality of the DAU Alumni Association depends on the influx of “new blood.”  I ask that all DAUAA members act as recruiters in expanding Alumni Association membership.”

KEM is excited to support DAUAA. We thank all those involved who ensure the success of the organization.

#KEM10 October Highlight l CWilliams LLC

As we near 2019, KEM continues to highlight its various Strategic Partners who contribute to bettering and strengthening our mission to support the warfighter. Join us in recognizing the superior value created by our strategic partners as key members of our team in our ongoing celebration of #KEM10 – KEM’s 10th year in operations.

Charlie E. Williams Jr. of CWilliams LLC  is our next feature in the series. As the former Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) –  & Deputy Assistant Secretary U.S.A.F., Mr. Williams contributes invaluable expertise to the KEM team related to federal contracting and the processes in the acquisition cycle.

Mr. Williams is the President of CWilliams LLC. His organization provides strategic advice to the defense industry in direct support of the acquisition process, contract formation and the process of contract management. During his tenure at the DCMA, he successfully led an agency of over 12,000 military and civilian personnel involved in global contract management, spanning more than 18,000 contractors and $200 billion in unliquidated contract obligations.

Ken Miller, CEO of KEM reflects on our partnership with Charlie Williams,

”Charlie is a world class government contract expert. A true professional who is a pleasure to work with.”

With his significant experience in the acquisition field, Mr. Williams is skilled in assisting industry leaders in navigating the complexities of the defense acquisition system. He also proudly serves as President of the National Contract Management Association. His vast industry prowess related to contract formation and acquisition planning compliments KEM’s high-level mission of supporting the warfighter. Our team is proud to have Mr. Williams as a valued Strategic Partner.

KEM Attends AUSA 2018 with Strategic Partner Jim Boyle

Throughout the year, KEM attends key events within the Defense and Aerospace sector that foster networking, strategic partnerships and offer firsthand insight into Defense Trends. Last month, KEM CEO Ken Miller attended AUSA’s (Association of the United States Army) Annual Meeting with valued Strategic Partner, Jim Boyle of JFBoyle Associates LLC  at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

AUSA’s 2018 turnout featured 31,000 attendees – this year’s theme was, “Ready Today, more Lethal Tomorrow.” It was an honor to have Jim Boyle accompany KEM to this event. In reflecting on the AUSA meeting, Mr. Boyle noted,

“The exhibitions at AUSA reflected a larger presence of international products and ARMY leadership priorities that are incentivizing the accelerated delivery of capabilities for testing by the ARMY. There was a clear focus by the ARMY on speed for deployment.”

Additionally, Mr. Boyle reflected on KEM’s capabilities and partnership,

“I recognize Ken Miller’s ability to craft solid solutions in complex acquisition environments. Ken knows how to sort through the complexities and bring teams and solutions together.”

The entire KEM team appreciates the importance and value of our partnership with Mr. Boyle and his direct support at the event. As seen via, Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper described this year’s event as “very successful.” KEM looks ahead with anticipation to attending AUSA 2019.

#KEM10 September Highlight l Jason Collado

Throughout 2018, KEM continues to highlight its invaluable Strategic Partners who contribute to bettering and strengthening our mission to support the warfighter. Join us in recognizing the superior value created by our strategic partners as key members of our team in our ongoing celebration of #KEM10 – KEM’s 10th year in operations.

As the next partner in the series, we are proud to highlight the skill and talent of Jason Collado, Founder of Jason Collado Creative Services. He is a gifted and prolific leader, serving as Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Designer & Copyrighter. Jason offers a multifaceted creative background with a wide range of experience.

In honing his skillset and capabilities, Jason’s creative background has spanned decades, notably assisting as Creative Lead with WBEB-FM Radio in Philadelphia, PA. With a high-level focus on Brand Strategy, Jason has collaborated with significant brands and agencies during his time with WBEB-FM. Having acquired industry experience, Jason expanded as an independent consultant, designer and creative services contractor. His current client portfolio is diverse, spanning various sectors, which include Broadcast, Entertainment, Film, DoD/Aerospace, Biochemistry, Financial and Health & Beauty.

It continues to be a pleasure for our team to have Jason as a valued Strategic Partner. His contributions to our website, graphics and media kits are second to none. In his own words, Jason has reflected on nearly a decade-long partnership with our team,

KEM is focused and calculated when mapping out a plan for success, and truly embrace the creative process. I am always excited to roll up my sleeves and get in the trenches with them every step of the way.”

KEM CEO Ken Miller noted the following about Jason’s expertise,

“Jason is a creative genius who always delivers superior products on time and cost. Great team player!”

KEM Attends 2018 AFA Convention – #ASC18

Each year, it is a privilege for our team to attend the Air Force Assocation – Air, Space & Cyber Convention, held in National Harbor. This conference offers unique insight into Air Force developments and includes a detailed update of the State of the Air Force. The 2018 AFA theme was “Multi-Domain Operations: Leveraging the Full Spectrum.”

KEM Director of Contracts Dave Carlson attended the AFA Convention (#ASC18) representing our team, supporting our valued Strategic Partners and current clients in direct support of the warfighter.

Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson’s address was titled “The Air Force We Need.” Key points from the Secretary’s speech included a definitive need for more active, Guard and Reserve Airmen in order to ‘enable the service’s operational squadrons.’ In summation, Secretary Wilson noted,

“The Air Force is more ready for Major combat operations today than we were two years ago. More than 75 percent of our force is combat ready and we’re moving the whole force to higher levels of readiness with actions that will play out over the next several years.”

It was a genuine honor for our team to witness the Secretary present the State of the Air Force and discussion of restoring force readiness, space operations as well its overall future. Our team looks forward to attending this significant event in the future and will continue to monitor the Air Force strategy in all facets.