Kenneth E. Miller

CEO and President

Mr. Miller is a globally recognized Defense and Aerospace Strategist, innovative leader, and trusted advisor for DoD, civilian agencies, federal agencies, and aerospace and defense commercial firms worldwide. Today he is a sought after presence on the Washington DC Defense consulting arena. He successfully established and runs a recognized global Defense and Aerospace strategic consulting practice. Mr. Miller actively serves key industry giants and related commercial markets with his international network as President of KEM and Associates LLC

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Denise Holmes

Director of Programs

Ms. Holmes is an Acquisition Professional and Engineer who has skillfully served in many challenging mission and corporate positions in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. She developed and aptly deployed broad-reaching national and tactical strategies to the numerous Defense, Joint Allies, and Intelligence programs and efforts that were under her purview.


Dave Carlson

Director of Contracting

Mr. Carlson is a proven contracts leader who spent over 34 years with the Department of the Navy creating strategic solutions to fulfill customer needs in Contracting, Acquisition, and Program Management positions.

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Lauren Longwell

Director of Strategic Analysis and Communication

Ms. Longwell is a strategist partnered with KEM’s global government and commercial clients to deliver strategic planning, analysis, development and brand/communication delivery services.

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