KEM CEO Ken Miller Attends Safran’s Defense Working Group Workshop

Safran is a global leader in supplying equipment for the Aerospace and Defense markets. Their unparalleled capabilities successfully support the warfighter worldwide. Safran’s Aerosystems subdivision produces top-quality aeronautic equipment for helicopters and a multitude of aircraft.

KEM CEO Ken Miller had the unique opportunity to speak at the 2019 Safran Defense Working Group Workshop, held April 23-25th at the Army & Navy Club.

Mr. Miller highlighted the various challenges to Safran deriving from over two years of market expansion in the USA A&D Domain. Topics included:

  • Defense trends focused on FY 2020 budget and priorities
  • The Big Ten Defense Companies and U.S. company priorities
  • What are U.S. primes are looking for in subcontractors
  • International companies’ challenges to becoming a U.S. prime or subcontractor

KEM appreciates this chance to offer industry expertise at the Safran workshop. It was a genuine pleasure to be present and listen to the various speakers throughout the evening.