Mr. Charlie Williams, former DCMA Director, as #KEM Strategic Partner

KEM ACQUISITION MANAGEMENT CAPABILITY: Contract Management Advisory Services

Our Team Spotlight

Charlie Williams

Providing world class, hands-on consultation and advice in support of federal contracting and acquisition challenges.

#KEM prides ourselves in having innovative leaders like Mr. Charlie Williams, former Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), as a strategic partner.  Mr. Williams supports the overall #KEM mission by providing superior strategic advice and support in all matters of acquisition planning, contract formation, and general contract management processes.

#KEM provides consulting and advisory services to support our clients’ success in the complex and highly regulated government contracts environment while striving to ensure quality capabilities are delivered to the warfighter.  We advise and assist in all phases of the government acquisition process, from devising procurement and pricing strategies, pre-solicitation discussions, proposal development, contract terms, contracting intelligence, and negotiation and continuing on through contract administration.  Our team and network has broad and deep executive experience within the Department’s Acquisition community and Federal Acquisition (FAR) expertise. 

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April 2016 Government Acquisition Process Competitive Intelligence

As part of our contracts management advisory services, #KEM continually monitors the evolution of #DoD policies and procedures.  For example, this month the Director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) published two memos that will begin to impact the processes that #DoD uses to award contracts to industry very soon:

  • The “Guidance on Using Incentive and Other Contract Types”  focuses on Better Buying Power (BBP) 3.0’s mission to strengthen DoD’s “buying power, industry productivity, and providing an affordable, value-added military capability to the warfighter”.  This guidance focuses selecting an appropriate contract incentive structure that balances risk and reward to motivate better performance while aligning government and industry goals.
  • A new “Department of Defense Source Selection Procedures” document expands the discussion of both  the Tradeoff and Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) source selection procedures consistent with the BBP mandate.  (The prior SSP document dated March 4, 2011 has been rescinded.)In particular, updated guidance is provided for matching a program’s requirements with an appropriate source selection process that lies along the best value continuum.

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