#KEM Honors Contributions of African Americans in #DoD by Expanding #STEM Opportunities with Intern Program

National Black History Month

#KEM takes a moment to reflect and give honor all the African Americans who have contributed and sacrificed to keeping our country safe.  We owe much gratitude to those who continue to work to ensure our country remains safe in dynamic times.

Honoring African Americans in DoD African Americans DOD

#KEM honors the contributions of African Americans in #DoD by supporting and expanding #STEM education programs as a key factor for our country to maintain its innovative and global leadership.

For four years #KEM has run a summer Intern Program focused on developing future innovators.  Our interns work on robust, real-world Aerospace and Defense media, research and analysis, and competitive intelligence projects.

KEM Intern Program

A key tenant to the #KEM intern program is to motivate students to pursue degrees and careers in #STEM to continue the legacy of our founder and CEO, Ken Miller, who started as an Aerospace Engineering Major at Mississippi State University then served over 35 years in the U.S. Government and now runs our recognized global Defense and Aerospace consulting practice.

KEM Intern Highlight

We are very proud of all our interns and their successes.

new ken and cameron

Ken Miller (CEO) and Cameron Holmes (Intern) KEM and Associates LLC

One of our talented young professionals, Cameron Holmes, has interned for multiple years demonstrating himself as a dynamic, smart, and capable #KEM team member.  Each summer he continues to gain new skills, explore our capabilities, and connect with our corporate and industry leaders.  His work has been integral in building our new KEM marketing content and platforms, best practice and training repository, and competitive intelligence tracking.  Today, Cameron is a graduate of Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore and now attends Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio majoring in Biomedical Engineering in the Biomechanics Track.


#KEM truly believes our interns like Cameron Holmes will change the world so we remain committed to honoring the contributions of African Americans in #DoD by continuing to expand #STEM education opportunities through the #KEM intern program.


#KEM Quarterly on Defense: 2016 Defense Trend & 2017 Budget Request

With 2017 defense budget request release ($582.7 billion base budget and overseas contingent operations, 2/2/2016) & the President’s last State of the Union address (1/12/2016), it is key to take a moment for the A&D market to reflect and understand the trend for the rest of the year and his administration.

2017 Defense Budget Proposal

Source: Defense.gov

As #KEM looks to the future and growing global challenges, we focus on Secretary Carter’s comments regarding trade-offs between force structure for modernization to support the U.S.’s technological innovation edge across air, land, sea, cyber, space, and electronic warfare.

Carter further outlined five challenges for budget planning including Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and terrorism that will focus DoD for FY 2017.

SD spoke at the Economic Club of Washington, D.C.

Source: Defense.gov

“Where trade-offs among force structure, modernization and readiness posture needed to be made, we generally pushed to favor the latter two. This is important, because our military has to have the agility and ability to win not only the wars that could happen today, but also the wars that could happen in the future,” SECDEF Carter, Economic Club of Washington.