KEM is Grateful: Our Freedom, Our Partners, & ELG’s New Management & Leadership Book

In this special season of Thanksgiving, the KEM team is genuinely grateful for the blessings of our freedom and for our strategic Business Partners with whom we collaborate to support the warfighter and a strong national defense.

Thanksgiving in the palm of your hand

KEM is pleased to share one of our partners’ outstanding new management and leadership books: Executive Smarts: 25 Quick Reads on Managing for Results.

In this book, the founders of Executive Leadership Group, Dr. Bill Casey and Ms. Wendi Peck, give you practical answers to critical organizational issues. In 25 concise chapters on management and leadership, they answer questions such as:

• How do you help your team broaden and elevate their thinking so they can target and achieve the right results?

• How do you help project managers succeed without getting mired in their details or misled by their over-optimism?

• How do you set and track meaningful strategic goals without getting bogged down in a sea of “metrics”?

• When is failure a stepping-stone to innovation, and when is it just a step off the cliff?

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ELG’s Phenomenal New Book – Executive Smarts: 25 Quick Reads on Managing for Results