ARES Mobility Solutions

“Partnering with KEM & Associates has been an unbelievable resource for our new company.  I have been very pleased and impressed with both the methodology and the professionals we worked with in setting up strategies for our organization.  Ares Mobility Solutions was presented with diverse opportunities and KEM & Associates team dedicates personnel, reviewed our documentation,  learned our business processes and provided comprehensive analysis and recommendations to success.  I especially appreciate the steady drumbeat of contact that ensures our success.” 

Shirlene D. Ostrov, President/CEO ARES Mobility Solutions, Inc.

Impact Capital

“Over 4+ years, our firm, Impact Capital Advisors, LLC and KEM and Associates LLC have been actively engaged incubating, building and launching together “mature” early stage and greenfield project companies.  KEM’s international depth of knowledge, broad industry sector speciality, breadth of expertise, and its “best of breed” network and is top drawer and most complimentary to our company’s own skill sets. Through hard core, hard driving due diligence, research and analysis, they unearth hidden failure points, but, more importantly, they are able to find those elusive diamonds in the rough and knows how to polish them.”

David Dunlap, Impact Capital Advisors LLC

Thomas Associates Inc.

“As a member of our Board of Advisors, Ken Miller brings a wealth of government procurement experience and knowledge along with a common sense approach to addressing issues at hand.  Ken is a pleasure to work with as he takes the time to get to know his customers and their challenges, establishing a personal connection and commitment to their success.  We have come to trust and rely upon his counsel.” 

Alexis F. Thomas, President Thomas Associates Inc.


“KEM and Associates gets things done for its clients. Ken Miller’s strategic perspective and vision is exceptional and always on point!”

Charlie E. Williams, Jr., President and Founder of CWilliams LLC

Ascent Capital

“ASCENT and its partners have been fortunate to be associated with “KEM”  and have successfully teamed up on several projects.  We appreciate the leadership and clear thinking and analysis that they bring to the “art of the deal”.  We could not ask for a better group of individuals to partner with in todays’ competitive business environment.”

Roland Ho and Tom Peters at ASCENT

Combat Displays, LLC

“KEM and Associates are proven partners in every endeavor. From the beginning, a strategy is laid out with all the metrics and trigger points, each party identified with responsibility or anticipated outcome from that party, and forecasted conclusions to the strategic plan. All this is done in close collaboration prior to the initiation of the first step of the planned effort.  KEM and Associates integrate seamlessly with the Team and are often found leading the charge versus from behind.  KEM and Associates gave us insight into the nuances of the acquisition system and provided guidance through complex paths to decision makers at the highest levels. KEM reduces the time to results significantly by defining concise plans of action.”

Ray Kwong, Chairman Combat Displays, LLC

Blaise Durante and Associates

“Experience and Advice given from Ken Miller is top quality.  You can take it to the bank.”

Blaise Durante, CEO and Founder of Blaise Durante and Associates

Executive Leadership Group, LLC

“We have worked for many years with senior leaders of large organizations, including the military. We haven’t met any who are more strategic in their thinking than Ken Miller. Or, more fun to work with.”

Dr. Bill Casey, President, Executive Leadership Group, LLC

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