KEM Celebrates 10 Years – A Letter from our CEO – #KEM10

2018 represents a significant milestone for the KEM team – we celebrate our 10 year anniversary. It offers a unique opportunity to reflect on this past decade and look toward the future and what is yet to come.

In a Letter from the President below, KEM CEO Ken Miller delivers a message of appreciation to members of the military as well as our strategic partners as the team moves forward. Thank you to all of our supporters, both local and across the world.

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KEM Supports Strategic Partner NADIC at 2018 Syttende Mai Gala

As KEM approaches its 10 year company anniversary, we continue to value and support our Strategic Partners that contribute greatly to our growth and success.

On May 17, 2018, NACCMA (The Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce Mid-Atlantic Chapter) held the Syttende Mai Gala, a special event celebrating the signing of the Norwegian Constitution at Capitol View at 400 in Washington, D.C.

Pictured: NADIC’s Vidar Skjelstad and KEM’s Ken Miller (Photo: NACCMA / Kristina Klakegg)

KEM’s Ken Miller attended the Mai Gala in direct support of Strategic Partner, Vidar Skjelstad, President of both Kongsberg Defense Sysytems and NADIC. It was a honor and privilege to be present alongside Vidar and we value this opportunity to further strengthen NorAm relations now and toward the future.

In attending, KEM stands proudly with both Vidar and NADIC in celebrating Norway. We express appreciation to NACCMA, their sponsors and partners for executing this event, recognizing Norway’s significant achievements and impactful relationship with the United States.

2018 Syttende Mai Gala – Capitol View at 400 (Photo: NACCMA / Kristina Klakegg)

This is For All our #KEM 2,000+ Facebook Fans – Thank You!

As the KEM team approaches its 3rd year being active in the social media community, we would like to thank you for engaging with us in our online journey.

Recently, our Facebook page has surpassed 2,000 likes, a milestone for which we want to express our appreciation to all of you that read our content, as well as our blogs that we maintain across our social media. We will continue to document our journey as a team and we value our virtual supporters both locally and across the world!

KEM also wants to recognize a key member of our communication’s team, Will Vith.   We thank Will for his hard work and creative spirit in our digital space helping KEM share our story and execute our mission.

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#KEM Continues to Monitor the 2018 “Skinny Budget” and Its Prospects of Getting Through Congress

Able to Strike a Defense Balance? Defense Increases for 2018, $30 Billion Supplemental for 2017

Proposed Changes to Agency Discretionary Budgets in 2018 (Bloomberg Politics)

President Trump released his 2018 Budget, known as “the skinny budget” in Washington, which includes defense spending of $639 billion, including $65 billion for ongoing emergency war-fighting. This represents a $54 billion increase in defense spending, to be offset by corresponding reductions to non-Defense programs. In addition, the Trump Administration sent a $30 billion 2017 defense supplemental budget request to add $25 billion into 2017 Department of Defense base budget bringing it to $576 billion and adding $5 billion to the emergency wartime spending fund.

#KEM continues to monitor the 2018 “skinny budget’s” prospect of getting through Congress as it seems to not please the left, middle, and far right.  In addition, #KEM continues to track the extent to which budget deliberations ultimately strike a balance between readiness, modernization, and acquisition programs to support the base-budget programs, cyber and intelligence, and counter terrorism capabilities of the current defense strategy.  The full budget will be released in May and needs Congressional approval to become law.

Katherine Blakeley, research fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) on the Defense and Aerospace Report: CSBA Blakely on Trump Budget Proposal

Featured Image (

Join #KEM in sending a Note of Congratulations to the New Horizons Team on reaching Pluto!

Congratulations to the United States’ New Horizons Team on becoming the first to reach the “dwarf planet” Pluto. @KEMllc celebrates your successful 9 year, 3 billion mile journey!  New Horizons & Pluto  – You are both GIANTS today!

Send a Note of Congratulations to the New Horizons Team

This week, the United States became the first country to reach Pluto, and NASA’s New Horizons interplanetary probe captured the sharpest photos we’ve seen of the planet.

People around the world have been watching this historic achievement unfold. If you’re as inspired as we are, then send a note of congratulations to the New Horizons team.
(We’ll make sure it gets to them.)


NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft snapped the first high-resolution photographs of Pluto and its moons this week.


KEM SPACE DOMAIN:  @KEMllc is a trusted partner for intelligence, surveillance, and tactical airborne and space systems solutions

#KEM: Month of the Military Child & Raytheon’s Math Hero Awards

April is the Month of the Military Child.

KEM and Associates recognizes that as our U.S. Troops are called to serve, their families serve too.  We recognize the special sacrifices our military children make as they share their parents with the world in order to defend our way of life.

Raytheon’s Math Hero Awards are Open!

One way KEM is committed to our Military Children’s future is through promoting the best math and science teachers, approaches, & opportunities to begin a life long love of STEM learning.

Join KEM and Enter your favorite math or science teacher to win $2,500 through Raytheon’s Math Hero Awards.

  • Each year Raytheon recognizes up to 30 teachers as “Math Heroes” for their effective, innovative methods to promote student enthusiasm and achievement in math and science.
  • Nominated by students, parents and school administrators, these middle and high school math and science teachers are honored for using interactive and creative learning approaches to make math real and relatable for their students.

KEM STEM & Month of the Military Child Fun Facts:

  • KEM’s CEO, Ken Miller, became an Aerospace Engineer serving the Navy,  Air Force and supporting Defense firms after his Math Hero, Miss. Mary Flowers impacted his life.
  • KEM’s Director of Strategic Analysis & Communications, Lauren Longwell, is an Air Force Military Child who studied Chemistry before working to support the Defense and Aerospace arena after her Math Hero, Mr. Ronald Umbeck, impacted her life at Bishop Ireton High School.

KEM Launches New Interactive Website & Social Media Tools

KEM is pleased to announce the completion of KEM’s Online Rebranding!  

In addition to launching a fully revamped, website,, our Team is now active across 4 different Social Media Platforms:

According to Ken Miller, KEM and Associates LLC’s CEO and Founder,

“Our new website, social media tools, and brand refresh are more closely aligned with KEM’s strategic goals for growth over the next five years and continue to cultivate our most valued resource – Our Relationships – with clients and partners.”

KEM Congratulates aXseum Solutions LLC on ATIS Contract Award


axseum Solutions, LLC ISO 9001: 2008 certified

The KEM team would like to take this opportunity to offer our congratulations to our friends and clients at aXseum Solutions, LLC for their newly awarded Army Training Information System (ATIS) Architecture and Application Sustainment contract.

We are a proud supporter of aXseum’s proven IT Services that leverage networks, software, machines, data and processes to help people execute more efficiently on a global level.

For detailed information related to aXseum’s ATIS contract, navigate to their company blog:

KEM’s CEO and Founder, Ken Miller, thanked as Mr. Trip Barber Retires from Navy

Fair Winds and following seas Mr. Trip Barber from KEM. In his humble remarks, Trip Barber thanked some of the great Senior Executive Service (SES) Civilians like Mr. Ken Miller.”Mr. Barber bid farewell to the Navy he loved with a simple ceremony–no pomp and circumstance–and one that was commensurate with the manner in which he conducted business in the halls of the Pentagon over the course of his 41 year career.Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Barber” Shop is now officially closed.”Discover more by navigating to the USNI blog: